20 years later, the Dreamcast has a powerful legacy

9/9/99The Dreamcast predicted everything about modern consoles

Twenty years after Sega’s innovative console debuted, Devindra Hardawar reminisces about all the ways it changed gaming, and the impact those changes had even into the present day. Also, we asked readers for memories of the Dreamcast era, and your responses were just as incredible. Grab your VMUs Sega fans, we’re going back to 1999.

1PM ET / 10AM PTWhat to expect at Apple’s iPhone event

There are only a few hours to go until Apple’s annual update on the evolution of its iPhones and everything around them. We’ve pulled together the latest rumors and details available ahead of the event, but the best way to see everything announced is to tune into our liveblog when the event starts at 1PM ET.

The best is yet to come.Android 10 review

According to Christopher Velazco, “Dark mode is great, and so are Google’s attempts to make its many privacy options easier to control.” However, the best parts of Android 10, like its Project Mainline efforts that try to get updates on your devices sooner, will take some time to become meaningful additions. With its support for foldable devices and 5G, Android 10 is looking to the future more than any edition of the OS we’ve seen so far.

Sometimes bigger is better.Google Nest Hub Max review

The Nest Hub Max’s larger screen makes viewing photos and videos a treat, and the sound quality is improved as well. That’s a big part of the reason why Nicole Lee said: “At a price that’s on par or lower than other similarly sized smart displays on the market, the Hub Max offers value for the money.”

Smaller and better than ever.Now is the time to buy true wireless earbuds

Initial versions of early devices were perhaps a little too ambitious. In the years since, companies have scaled back and there are plenty of models to choose from, even if you’re not in the market for AirPods.

There’s even a fog of war.Someone made a version of ‘Civilization’ that runs in Microsoft Excel

Called, delightfully enough, [Cell]ivization, the game runs in a spreadsheet and has the basic features of the original game like support for two players, the ability to move units or the camera around and the option to build multiple types of units with their own statistics.

Up close and personal with ‘the most Lamborghini thing Lamborghini builds.’Lamborghini’s V12 gets electrified with the 819HP Sian hybrid

The first electrified Lamborghini doesn’t disappoint.

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