Beautiful Photos Of London’s Coffee Lovers

When you think of coffee shops, your mind may wander to of an elegant al-fresco stonework cafe tucked away in an alley somewhere in Italy. Or you might think of Central Perk in New York City, the famous and fictitious coffee shop from the iconic American sitcom Friends. However, London should spring to mind as well, the city has a coffee scene has a history that extends as far back as the 17th century and the capital is full of coffee addicts today.

A coffee workshop

Now best selling author Lani Kingston and photographer David Post have captured some of the stories of  some of London’s modern day coffee makers, artisans, growers, and business owners for their new book, London Coffee.

See a selection of images below, all taken from London Coffee published by Hoxton Mini Press.

Hurry up with his coffee
Tasting the difference
Standing outside a coffee bar-cum-art gallery
Go on have another
Another coffee addict
Contemplation never tasted so good
London Coffee book cover

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