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If you are an avid reader of Collective Evolution, or if you wish to stay in touch with our quality independent articles, podcasts and videos, now is the time to take a couple of quick actions. As we have shared over the course of time, independent media has been under attack from big tech companies ever since 2017. Mainstream media has been losing control of narratives as people have begun thinking for themselves and going to different sources.

The actions of these companies shows us that we are all doing a great job of walking away from an old game, and waking up. In order to stay in touch, continue creating a vision for a new world together, and making sure we keep moving through this global transition, we have created two key avenues.

  1. Our E-Mail List: We email a couple of times per week. Emails include our top stories, as well as a general insight about what’s going on at the moment written by yours truly :). You can join our email list here.
  2. Our Telegram Channel: Telegram is a secure mobile phone app that we have created a channel on. This is a powerful way for us to share our latest stories, videos and podcast as they come out,  as well as what new information we come across in real time. Join the channel here.

Regardless of whether it looks like we are being ousted, this is still an inspiring time as these actions are happening because people are shifting, they are seeing things differently and an old guard and paradigm is dying. This is a time where we are witnessing the flailing actions of a deeply wounded paradigm holding on for dear life, and all we have to do is continue walking away from their game, and creating a vision for a new world together.

Many of the systems and infrastructures created out of this old paradigm have served up until this point. They have helped push out information, connect people, and expand people’s minds. But in many ways, it is likely a time for change and steps away from these systems. This is why we are not seeing these actions of censorship as the end by any means. My vision of where this shift in consciousness is going has never come into serious doubt since I founded CE back in 2009, and while I have grown and seen things more clearly over the years, I still feel we are going to create a beautiful world together as we move through this.

Anyone who knows me and how I ave stewarded this company since the beginning knows that it as always been about the message, uniting people and walking around any barrier that presents itself. We are still here because of your support and because we have always efficiently and effectively used our revenue to help as many people as we can. We’re in this together! 🙂

For those looking to support our working financially, please consider becoming a member of CETV here. It’s our on-demand video platform that includes hundreds of hours of exclusive content to help explore and advance consciousness.

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