In London, they say “Cycling is now mass transport and must be treated as such” : TreeHugger

When a new London project, 250 City Road went through its approval process, the Islington Council planners wanted parking for bikes. Lots of it- 1486 spaces or 1.5 for every residential unit. It works out to about one per bedroom. Architects at Foster + Partners agreed; from Dezeen:

“The project has a dedicated cycle lift from ground to basement level, where the cycle storage areas are located,” said Giles Robinson, partner at Foster + Partners and the project architect for the scheme. “At the basement level there is a dedicated cycle maintenance workshop that enables cycles to be cleaned and maintained.”

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In fact, it is Transport for London policy. Peter Murray of the London Mayor’s Design Advisory Group notes:

TfL’s new London Cycling Design Standards starts with the words ‘Cycling is now mass transport and must be treated as such‘. Developments have to take this cultural shift on board and allow not just for immediate requirements but for future growth.

This is an important trend that should be emulated everywhere. Imagine, respect for cyclists. Acknowledgement of a “cultural shift.” Recognition that someone on a bike is not on crowded subways or driving. The end of all that whining about cyclists not belonging on the roads and calling them “faceless road-swipers”. No more complaining about who pays for transport infrastructure like bike share programs. They might even start thinking about stop signs and whether rules designed for cars actually make sense for bikes.

Well I can dream anyway.

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