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London In 1947

Despite the second world war being over, London life in 1947 wasn’t easy. Some resorted to eating horse meat. Nonetheless, the city began to recreate itself, a new tradition with Norway began, and the standard of life slowly began to improve.

Wardour Street
Source Old London

London Underground poster, 1947
Source Huffingtonpost

London, 1947
Source Aucharbon

Arsenal players Wally Barnes and Archie Macauley have a well-deserved ciggy
Source Flashbak.Com

Trafalgar Square, 1947
Source Nika Garrett

London smog
Source Old London

Wembley Stadium, 1947
Source Old London

Westminster Abbey
Source Historyphotographed

Gants Hill Tube Station, 1947
Source Tim Dunn

Tower Bridge, 1947
Source Olde Britain

Walham Green (now Fulham Broadway) on a Chelsea match day
Source Old London

The Water Rats stage a charity show at Victoria Palace, London, starring Laurel & Hardy, 1947
Source Laurel And Hardy

Effra Road change pit, Brixton, 1947
Source Old London

St Paul’s Cathedral and environs, London, 1947
Source Buzzfeed

Waterloo Station approach, 1947
Source Rob Baker

Millwall, The Den, 1947
Source Old London

A Yeoman Warder at the Tower of London, 1947
Source Historicroyalpalaces

Someone’s had some fun
Source Old Pics Archive

Soho, 1947
Source Flashbak.Com

Brixton. Times were tough
Source London Life

The ‘great freeze’
Source Aucharbon

Kids queue for a Santa’s grotto
Source Old London

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