Nintendo find yet another way to mine the past with “Mario Maker” : Tech Digest

Just when you thought Nintendo couldn’t possibly squeeze another payday out of the original 8-bit Mario, it appears to have found a way. A furtive photo of Nintendo’s E3 floor presence shows a new game called “Mario Maker”.


The grainy photo above was posted by Nintendo Enthusiast and shows a poster for “Mario Maker” – which, taking an educated guess, appears to be a level designer for the original 8-bit Mario – with a stylus being used to place blocks and obstacles.

Think Little Big Planet, but with Mario.

Its actually quite a clever idea if this is real – an entire internet subculture has developed devoted to hacking the original Mario to make new levels – like this super-hard hack below:

We’ll let you know if it gets confirmed.

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6 June 2014 | 8:38 am –