The Lovebox just wants you to be loved. Is that so wrong?

The Lovebox is a unique way to let a loved one know that you’re thinking of them.

Patrick Holland/CNET

Of course you can let someone know you love them by making a call or sending a text, photo or video. But those ways aren’t unique. That’s why a French company at CES launched the Lovebox — a seemingly analog way to receive messages from friends and family.

The idea is simple. The Lovebox sits in your home and connects to the internet via Wi-Fi. A loved one sends you a message with the Lovebox app available on iOS and Android. On the front of the box is an itsy-bitsy heart. When the box receives the message, the heart spins like a pinwheel.

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There is something precious about a tiny little heart on a small wooden cube spinning in silence. It is such a simple hallmark to symbolize that someone is thinking of you.


The heart spins until you lift the lid to read the message.


If you lift the lid, there’s a diminutive screen where you can read the message or see the drawing that your loved one sent. When you open the lid it feels like you discovered a secret message.

Everything about this box is endearing and unassuming: The size, the curved corners, the silent way the heart spins and the black-and-white display. It is refreshing to see how Lovebox integrates messaging into something so discreet. There’s no loud notifications or lights to get your attention — just a palm-sized spinning heart.

The Lovebox costs $99, which converts to £70 and AU$125, and can be purchased on the Lovebox website.

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