Uh Oh. The ‘W*nkerville’ Sign Has Returned To Clapham

Uh Oh. The ‘W*nkerville’ Sign Has Returned To Clapham

Ah the iconic signage of London: ‘Abbey Road Nw8’. ‘Wetherspoons’. ‘Welcome to Wankerville’.

That’s right, Clapham’s unofficial bievenue is back — this time bearing the slightly edited salutation ‘Welcome Back to W*nkerville’. It’s different, not only because of the additional ‘Back’ — but also because the ‘A’ has been asterisked out. We wonder if that’s to prevent it from being expletive, therefore making it less liable to be rubbed out by the powers that be?

A little backstory, in case you’ve been on another planet the last few months. In mid-April the internet literally went on fire, after graffiti was daubed on the rail bridge at Clapham North — declaring the posh area of south London ‘Wankerville’. (A second sign was added on the other sign of the bridge: ‘You Are Now Leaving Wankerville, Bye’.)

While some locals took umbrage, many embraced Wankerville and everything it stood for, one Claphamite admitting: “Can confirm, live in Clapham, am wanker.”

The Instagram account thisiswankerville is claiming responsibility for the fresh signage, claiming:

Our original sign was vandalised by idiots who don’t respect #Wankerville – well, sorry guys, but #Clapham has had a #rebrand and it is #official and it is #heretostay!

We’re currently trying to find out if the graffiti was removed by Lambeth Council, Network Rail, or just some pissed off Claam local. Whoever it was has a desperate fight on their hands; like Clapham itself, this sign just keeps on regenerating.

Featured image taken from thisiswankerville

Last Updated 05 July 2019

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2019-07-05 16:37:50 – Source: londonist.com