What to Look Out For When Buying a Phone

There has been probably times that you have been forced to sell your phones. It might have been due to varying reasons. Maybe your phone is giving in, and you want to get rid of it and makes some cash out of it before it stops being useful, perhaps you want to get cash and top up for an upgrade, or you are even travelling abroad, and you want a fresh start. Consider a time that you will be on a receiving end, and you are considering purchasing a used phone.

The deals can be alluring: it is not every day that you get to buy the newest phone of your favorite brand at what can be termed as a ‘throw away price.’ You might, therefore, be tempted to grab the chance and run with it. You should have questions to ask the moment you see ‘we sell you old phones ad. It does not necessarily mean that the phones are not legit but remember that this is still your money.

You have to check if the phone has dents, comes with its original accessories or the battery power is enough to sustain you. The most important of them all is if your phone has enough memory and can support all apps. Well, you do not want to miss out on the opportunity of making money through your phone using the following apps.

  1. Swagbucks
  2. CashPirate
  3. Fronta
  4. iPoll
  5. Field Agent
  6. ShopKick
  7. Streetbees
  8. Curious Cat
  9. Citizen me
  10. Feature Points
  11. Roamler
  12. Foap

Author: Julian Smith