Wirecutter’s best deals: The Fibaro Motion Sensor drops to $50

Panasonic Electric Body Hair Trimmer and Groomer for Men ER-GK60-S

Street price: $55; deal price: $40

Back down to $40, this matches the low price we’ve seen on our runner-up pubic hair trimmer pick, the Panasonic Electric Body Hair Trimmer and Groomer for Men ER-GK60-S. We like its vertical orientation, coupled with the V-shaped head, making it a very maneuverable trimmer that can easily navigate the bends and folds of your body. Though they found our top pick serviceable, both of our female testers slightly preferred this more powerful option, even if it meant a shorter battery life than our top pick. If you’re in the market for a versatile and easy-to-maneuver trimmer, this is another great chance to save. This pricing ends after today, 2/13.

With its improved maneuverability and greater power, the Panasonic Electric Body Hair Trimmer and Groomer for Men ER-GK60-S is the runner up in our guide to the best pubic hair trimmer. Dorie Chevlen wrote, “The Panasonic Electric Body Hair Trimmer and Groomer for Men ER-GK60-S scored well with our panelists, thanks to its perfect blend of power and maneuverability, and it was the favorite trimmer of our two female panelists. It cut through all panelists’ pubic hair in a single pass over each section, but they still felt protected from nicks and cuts, even when using this model without a guard (because of the trimmer’s round-edge blades). In fact, this was the only trimmer that didn’t cause one nick on any panelist over the course of our weeks of testing.”

iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless

iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless

Street price: $50; deal price: $39

In our guide, we praise the iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless for its extendable neck and fully rotational base. The cradle design offers more support than our other picks, and this deal makes it about $20 less comparatively. Though this isn’t the lowest price we’ve ever seen, it’s still a worthwhile deal on a pick that doesn’t see discounts often. If you’re interested in a wireless charging phone mount for your car, this is a solid discount on one of our recommended options.

The iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless is the extra-secure pick in our guide to the best wireless charging phone mounts for cars. Wirecutter Associate Staff Writer Thom Dunn and Senior Staff Writer Nick Guy wrote, “If you need a mount that’s more adjustable than other models, we recommend the iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless. It has a 4-inch neck that can extend out to 8 inches (compared with about 2 inches for our top picks), so you can position your phone closer to you, if needed. This can be handy if you tend to sit further back from the dash or have a car with a deep, sloping windshield. The suction cup on this dash-mounted model also works better on textured materials than our top pick, and both the base and the attachment that holds the phone can rotate 360 degrees. The neck can also rotate in an arc of 270 degrees, offering a wide range of options for setup and positioning.”

Monoprice Certified Premium High Speed HDMI Cable

Monoprice Certified Premium High Speed HDMI Cable

Street price: $18; deal price: $14

As sad as it is to acknowledge, many AV add-ons in your setup that may need an HDMI cable still don’t come with one. This is a great chance to stock up if you’re short. Down to $14 from a typical price around $18, this is a new low price for a three-pack of six-foot Monoprice Certified Premium High Speed HDMI Cables. It’s just as good as our top pick but typically a bit more expensive. This deal makes the Monoprice option less expensive than a similar set of our top pick.

Available in many lengths and thicknesses, these HDMI cables are the wider variety pick in our guide to the best cheap, great HDMI cables. Geoffrey Morrison wrote, “The Monoprice Certified Premium High Speed HDMI Cable performs just as well as our top pick, but is a little more expensive when you include shipping. It too is rated (and as we tested, passes) the 18 Gbps required for 4K HDR. If you need very long or short cables to make your setup work, they come in more lengths and thicknesses than Amazon’s cables, and they also come with a lifetime warranty.”

Fibaro Motion Sensor

Fibaro Motion Sensor

Street price: $60; deal price: $50

If you have a HomeKit smart home system, or are interested in starting one, this is a nice discount on our HomeKit compatible motion sensor pick. With recent street pricing around $60, this drop to $50 is a nice discount and a new low. This is also the first deal we’ve ever seen for the Fibaro Motion Sensor since adding it to our tracking it last July, so it’s a good chance to pick one up.

The top pick in our guide to the best smart home sensors for HomeKit, the Fibaro Motion Sensor is eye-catching and has a wide, 30-foot range. Jennifer Pattison Tuohy wrote, “We like the Fibaro Motion Sensor because it’s small, customizable, and, unlike competing models, also capable of detecting temperature, light, and vibration—for some people it may be able to do the work of multiple sensors all at once. And if you use the free Fibaro companion app, you can get even more functionality out of it: You can adjust the motion sensitivity, set the blind time (the amount of time the sensor will pause after being triggered before triggering again), and customize the LED eye, including turning it off completely—which is essential if you have the sensor in a bedroom. It also has, in our opinion, a great design that allows it to fit securely and discreetly on nearly any surface, and it’s the smallest motion sensor we tested by a long shot.”

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