247365 Gallery Moves Manhattan Location

unnamed-3New York’s 247365 gallery has announced that they will be move their Manhattan outpost from a modestly sized basement space on Eldridge Street location to a larger two-floor location less than a mile away at 57 Stanton Street. The new spot will be christened with a group show called “Please Excuse Us For Our Appearance,” which opens Tuesday, April 7.

“You can’t miss it, it’s the one with the giant cast-iron Shalom Neuman facade,” said MacGregor Harp over email, who runs the gallery along with Jesse Greenberg. “The inside consists of a ground-level storefront and a basement, both of which we plan to use for exhibiting art. We will be open five days a week.”

According to the directors, increased square footage was the main impetus for the move. “We are comfortable making shows in confined spaces but pretty quickly you hit a ceiling on the scope of the work that you can show,” Greenberg said. “The office is a plus too.”

The first Manhattan location of 247365 presented an impressive mix of solo and group shows, including artists like Nick Payne, Ryan Trecartin, Jamian Juliano-Villani, Jessie Stead, and Bunny Rogers in the mix. The new space will be a continuation of this programming.

“Going forward there will be a mix of some new names as well as some familiar ones, but overall the program probably won’t feel too different from what we’ve been doing,” said Harp.

The gallery first opened in 2012 in a space on the edge of Carroll Gardens near the Gowanus Expressway (the Donut District, as it’s sometimes termed), where it has also regularly organized shows.

That April 7 opening, which includes work by 17 artists, will also feature Lite Jazz by Nathan Whipple with Alania Stamatis and a performance by RAF.

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1 April 2015 | 3:37 pm – Source: artnews.com


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