40% of people tip waiting staff double if they’re hot

40% of people who tip waiting staff double it if they're hot
Did she do a good job with your meal? (Picture: Carey Hope)

How do you rate waiting staff?

Are the following criteria on your tip check list: menu advice, funny small talk, hard abs?

According to a new survey by Vouchercloud, 40% of us give twice as big tip if we find the waiter or waitress attractive.

This should not be too shocking a revelation given the success of butlers in the buff and the hallowed institution that is Hooters.

Come on ladies could you really give this guy less than 15% even if he turned up with your antipasti 20 minutes after the pre-dinner prosecco?

40% of people who tip waiting staff double it if they're hot

This survey polled 1,785 UK residents to find out British attitudes to tipping interviewing an even gender split of over 18-year-olds.

Of those who admitted to this motivation for doubling their tip, 81% of agreed with the following statement:  ‘I fancied them so tipped them more to attract their attention.’

The attractiveness of waiting staff was the third most popular motive for tipping well after excellent service (67%) and tipping out of habit (56%).


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Source: metro.co.uk

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