5 boring but important tips when buying gadget gifts for Christmas

The biggest stress when buying a gift for a loved one is that they’ll tear open the wrapping paper on Christmas morning and after an initial widening of the eyes, a forced smile extends across their face. Sure, they might say “Thanks, it’s what I always wanted!” but both of you will know this is disingenuous.

Unfortunately, making these choices on what to buy can often be tricky. When buying, say, a mobile phone or a games console there’s often a myriad of choices and configurations – and this is even before you factor in all of the endless marketing hype.

So what’s the best way to avoid disappointment? Here’s some ideas of what to bear in mind when buying gadgets. Unfortunately, I can’t lie – this is pretty boring advice – don’t expect to have your mind blown with revelatory new ideas – I’m basically going to confirm what you were secretly thinking all along. Read on – and you should probably forward this guide to your mum, too.

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15 December 2014 | 12:07 pm – Source:techdigest.tv


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