7 reasons to not miss WIRED Retail’s exhibits (Wired UK)

Bits and Parts

The WIRED Retail 2014 event will be a hub of modern technology
and design, from augmented reality apps and holographic projections
to 3D-printed furniture and bitcoin wallets.

Attendees of next week’s WIRED Retail event will get the chance
to experience 24 exhibits on showcase throughout the duration of
the day, including Musion — the brand
known for its holographic projections of Tupac and Frank Sinatra on
Cimagine‘s augmented reality
visualises products on screen without the need for printed marker
codes. The facial recognition technology of software developer
Faceshift renders facial expressions onto 3D
avatars and also allows people to virtually try on glasses before
they are made-to-order.

Feonic‘s Whispering
Windows converts store windows into speakers through the use of
surface transducers on the glass vibrating the sound,
while Estimote‘s use of Bluetooth Low Energy
allows passersby within a certain distance to receive messages,
including limited time coupons for nearby stores.

Using a handheld camera to capture 360-degree images,
iMakr‘s Mini You and Scan The World can 3D print
detailed representations of people or objects in full colour.
Bits and Parts designs furniture in pieces that
can be 3D printed by customers, joining together like a puzzle.

With WIRED Retail only days away, here’s a taste of some of the
many exhibits to be shown during the day.

WIRED Retail is on 24 November. To see the agenda and roster
of speakers, please visit the WIRED Retail website. There
are a limited number of tickets available for WIRED Retail, at a
full price of £995 + VAT. WIRED subscribers have access to a 10
percent discount. 

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21 November 2014 | 4:51 pm – Source: wired.co.uk


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