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“Bunkie” is an affectionate Canadian term for a sleeping structure, very popular in Muskoka, the summer playground two hours north of Toronto. Evan Bare of 608|Design and Nathan Buhler BLDG Workshop appropriated the name for their company, the Bunkie Co..

© BLDG workshop + 608 design via Designboom

TreeHugger admired their prototype earlier; now they have sort of extruded the concept into a longer unit that acts as a yoga or exercise studio.

© BLDG workshop + 608 design via Designboom

There are a lot of visual cues that allude to traditional Muskoka buildings: the heavy timber at the entrances, the turnbuckle and rod ties to hold the roof together under huge snow loads.

Evan Bare tells TreeHugger that this unit was not built using their prefabricated CNC-cut technology but with traditional stick framing, probably because it needed a building permit and the rules for getting a new kind of prefab approved are complicated in Ontario, (factories have to be approved) and it confuses building inspectors (they like to see it all in their building code). But you can’t tell to look at it.

© BLDG workshop + 608 design via Designboom

The traditionalists among us will note that roof overhangs serve a useful purpose in this climate, but I’m a modernist minimalist too, and if you detail it right it will be fine. More images at Designboom and more info at The Bunkie.co

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13 November 2014 | 1:41 pm – Source: treehugger.com


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