A Map Of Britain’s Rudest Place Names

Strumpshaw, Tincleton & Giggleswick’s Marvellous Map of Great British Place Names catalogues 1,400 of the country’s naughtiest named towns, cities and streets…

10209-13v2i6dFor purists there’s an old school version…

OS_wholeForensic levels of pedantry have gone into making the map which boasts a huge number of funny, strange, slightly rude and just plain silly place names.


Stylist notes ‘Names included in the map include 136 bottoms, some balls, buttocks and beavers as well as a few knobs, crack, clench and a Roger Moor, which is located in Lancashire.’



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25 November 2014 | 6:00 am – Source: thepoke.co.uk


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