Adorkable, Fatberg, Felfie, euromaidan, no make-up selfie, vaguebooking, fracktivist, duckface, gaybourhood all vying for inclusion in world’s first Twictionary

Do you know what adorkable or felfie means? #confused
Zooey Deschanel, doing something adorkable (Picture: FOX)

Collins Dictionary needs new entries for its latest edition! 

This year it’s decided to enlist Twitter’s help. They’re giving you the chance to vote on the new word, and the candidates are as follows:


adj. The state of being adorable and dorky at the same time. Usually achieved by incredibly attractive, famous people who sometimes pull funny faces photos.

Examples: Zooey Deschanel, Jennifer Lawrence falling over at the Oscars, Cara Delevingne


noun. A large blockage in a sewage system.

Examples: Grease, coffee granules, rats


noun. Neighbourhoods popular with the gay community.

Examples: The Castro, Kemp Town, Vauxhall


noun. A Selfie taken by a farmer

Examples: We’ve absolutely no clue. If you’ve ever seen a ‘Felfie,’ contact us immediately then maybe go outside for a bit.


noun. A involuntary reaction experienced by a certain demographic when confronted with a camera.

Examples: Teens, Instagram, Snapchat, ducks


verb. Non-specific, passive-aggressive social media shade-throwing designed to provoke a reaction.

Examples: ‘SMDH. Guess I found out who my REAL friends are.’ ‘If I didn’t already hate my life enough, now this happens. I can’t even.’


noun. An activist who protests fracking.

Examples: Caroline Lucas, Bill Oddie


noun. Pro-Europe protests in Ukraine, named after the square in Kiev

Examples: The pro-Europe protests in Ukraine, named after the square in Kiev


noun. A selfie taken while wearing no make-up, to raise awareness of cancer charities.

Examples: The next woman you see, probably the next man too

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