Adrenaline junkies strap fireworks to themselves while skydiving

Adrenaline junkies strap fireworks to themselves while skydiving
(Picture: Caters)

You might think skydiving was already a stupidly dangerous hobby.

But a group of adrenaline junkies has taken it to a new level, by strapping fireworks to themselves as they fall to earth at 120mph.

After jumping from 4,100m (13,500ft) The Fastrax burn like meteors for about 45 seconds while hanging on to each other’s arms during a free fall.

When they get to 1,520m (5,000ft) they have to carefully release their parachutes while avoiding the flames which can shoot high in the air before lighting another set of fireworks.

**PLEASE NOTE ONLINE EMBARGO UNTIL MON 23 JUNE 2014 00.01** PIC BY Norman Kent Photography / Fastrax /CATERS NEWS - (PICTURED: Pyrotechnic skydivers) - A group of crazy skydivers have taken their extreme hobby to the next level¿Ä¶ by setting off fireworks as they jump out of the plane. Pyrotechnic skydiving is the latest wild craze in extreme sports. A team of four divers activate sets of fireworks strapped to their legs as they fall through the air of speeds of up to 120mph. The Fastrax team are high performance skydivers used to throwing themselves out of planes and creating shapes in the sky. But unlike ordinary dives, their latest act includes an added element of danger, namely the giant sticks of gunpowder attached to the divers ankles firing sparks everywhere. SEE CATERS COPY.
(PIcture: Caters)

The result is an incredible light show illuminating the night sky. The leader of the American team, John Hart, said: ‘When we exit the aircraft you feel a lot of energy, it’s pitch black apart from our electronic lights that we use to find each other.

‘It’s pretty cool how we can actually create firework shows as we jump. It looks like a meteor when we’re falling through the sky with flames flying behind us.

‘Other people do it with theatrical pyrotechnics but it’s not genuine – they’re small and there’s no risk involved.’

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