After More Than 14,000 Posts, Joshua Abelow Will End Art Blog Art Blog



Art Blog Art Blog, the art blog prolifically updated by artist Joshua Abelow with exhibition announcements, installation shots, Bukowski poems, and sundry other items, and which also took the form of a temporary gallery and a print publication, will cease its run on March 30 at 2:51 p.m., exactly five years after he started it.

For the past few days Abelow has been running photo collages by the artist Gene Beery announcing the impending closure, and he confirmed the news to me in an email. “In the end there will probably around 14,500 posts or so,” he said. “We’ll see.” As of press time, there were 13,390 posts on the blog, though that has probably climbed by the time you’re reading this.

ABAB was, for years, an almost preternaturally dependable source of news about shows in New York and further afield, particularly in artist-run and fly-by-night spaces. There was a thrill in visiting, knowing that you would, without a doubt, come across a new show, a new artist, something you hadn’t heard of.

“I’ve always considered the blog an art project (like Andy Warhol’s time capsules),” Abelow said. He plans to leave the blog online as an archive.

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