Airport-building firm WSP embraces Huddle for cloud collaboration

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International design and consulting firm WSP is now using Huddle’s cloud-based collaboration services to help around 2,000 designers around the world work more effectively.

WSP said it was keen to use Huddle to make it easier for its designers in offices in London, New York, San Francisco and Dubai to work together, as the amount of digital assets it uses rockets.

Frank McLeod, UK head of project technology, explained: “It beggars belief how much data we can produce, and working and sharing that is not easy. For example, we have been working on designing a new international airport.

“At first we were originally given 33,000 PDFs and that’s just dumb data. When it was given to us as something active it was 3TB. We can’t easily share that kind of information to offices across the world,” he said. 

McLeod said the firm was taken by the Huddle service because it didn’t have a knowledge of the construction market and so was not overly cumbersome, like some construction-centric services.

“We wanted to use a company that was more like us, that had something that would let us be innovative and creative, but worked with enterprises and understands that we are still deadly serious about how important our information is to us,” he said.

McLeod added that the move to Huddle formed part of a general shift in strategy at WSP to embrace the cloud whenever possible.

“We’ve got over 300 servers and we thought, ‘Do we really want to invest in hardware-centric solutions or do we want to start the migration to the cloud now?’, and we decided that is the journey we’re on,” he said.

Uptake among staff of the Huddle tool has been strong, with McLeod describing it as “going viral”. Staff in other offices around the world use some of the 2,000 licences that have been bought, despite it originally being intended for UK use.

“We are happy about this, as it helps us leverage our intellect from across the globe so our staff can work together more efficiently.”

To help push the uptake of the product WSP has customised one workspace page to serve as a welcome hub for its staff, as shown below.

WSP Huddle front page

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