Alcor Life Extension Foundation: Charities offer chance to be frozen after death

Want to live forever? Charities offer chance to be frozen after death
N-ice: Remember A Charity’s poster campaign offers people the chance to be frozen (Picture: Supplied)

The secret to living forever could be staring you in the face.

A consortium of 140 charities has launched a poster campaign offering one ‘lucky’ winner the chance to be chilled to -196C (-320F) after death, in the hope science may one day be able to bring them back to life.

About 270 people are thought to have been frozen since cryonic technology was developed 50 years ago, and celebrities including Simon Cowell, Larry King and Paris Hilton have expressed an interest.

However, no one has yet been revived. Dr Max More, of the Alcor Life Extension Foundation, said: ‘We see cryonics as an extension of emergency medicine.

‘When a patient’s condition exceeds the ability of today’s medicine to rescue them, we step in and protect the cells while deeply cooling the patient.

‘At minus 320F, you can persist without change for decades or even centuries.’

Remember A Charity director Rob Cope said its Live Forever competition aimed to get people thinking about their legacy after they have gone.

‘We hope this campaign makes it clear that freezing yourself isn’t the only way to live forever,’ he added.

‘After taking care of your loved ones, including your favourite charity in your will helps ensure the things you care about can live on.’

The campaign also offers the chance to win a £1,000 donation to a charity.

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Poster campaign: Remember A Charity is offering people the chance to be frozen

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