Amazon Fire Phone not selling well? : Tech Digest

Oh dear. It seems Amazon’s Fire Phone, which has just become available for pre-order in the States isn’t selling all that well… according to, umm, Amazon anyway.


As spotted by GeekWire, the fledgling handset is currently far down the ranks of the best selling electronics. At the time of writing it is currently 84th in the US (the list is real time-ish rather than fixed like the music charts, so it can fluctuate). Apparently when it first went on sale it was at the top – but it has fallen fast.

By comparison at the moment the best selling electronics are Google’s Chomecast followed by the Kindle Paperwhite and Fire TV, so it isn’t all bad news for the company.

It’ll be interesting to see if things pick up before the proper launch on July 25th. (We’re still in the dark on the UK release).

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