Amazon phone: Top 10 insights from the Fire launch

Amazon hit the headlines earlier this week when it unveiled its first-ever smartphone, the Fire Phone. It features a number of custom, never before seen, technologies such as Amazon’s information-gathering service Firefly and Dynamic Perspective 3D tech.

While this is interesting, the fact Amazon has chosen to release a phone at all is bigger news. We’ve seen a lot of massive changes in the smartphone industry this year, with Microsoft increasing its Windows Phone OS market share as former enterprise top dog BlackBerry struggled to keep afloat.

With Amazon now also joining the race, it’s clear yet more ripples are going to sweep across the smartphone market this year, some of which will have lasting consequences for the technology industry as a whole.

10. Amazon wants more developers

Briefcase full of apps

Applications are the heart and soul of any smartphone and have the potential to make or break any mobile platform. This was shown in 2011 when a lack of key applications hampered the growth of Microsoft’s Windows Phone mobile operating system.

As a result when launching any new mobile platform, one of the biggest challenges is getting developers on board. So Amazon has worked hard to entice third-party developers to create applications that take advantage of the Fire Phone’s advanced 3D display and Firefly information service, releasing software developer kits for both technologies straight after the handset was unveiled.

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