Amazon Zocalo document-collaboration service offered to all AWS customers

Amazon extends its cloud services with Zocalo availability

Amazon has made available its Zocalo document storage and sharing service as a full commercial release, following its introduction as a beta preview version last month. The move offers organisations an enterprise-grade option for workers to collaborate.

Available now for all customers of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Zocalo has been created as a fully managed document storage and sharing service, specifically designed with large organisations and enterprise customers in mind.

The service comes with enterprise-grade security, strong administrative controls and feedback capabilities that improve user productivity, Amazon said.

For example, all data stored in Zocalo is encrypted both during transit and at rest. Using the Zocalo Management Console, administrators can view audit logs to track file and user activity, and choose whether or not to allow users to share files with others outside their organisation.

Zocalo also allows cross-platform access. A Zocalo Sync Client for Windows PCs and Mac users lets users designate a folder on their computer for Zocalo use. Any files saved to this folder will be automatically uploaded to the Zocalo service using an encrypted connection, and synchronised across their other devices.

Apps are also available for iPad, Kindle Fire and Android tablets, plus users can access their files using a web browser.

Zocalo allows users to comment on files, send them to others for feedback, and upload new versions without having to resort to sending multiple versions of documents backwards and forwards as attachments.

Writing on the AWS Blog, Jeff Barr, chief evangelist for AWS, said that he has become a regular user of Zocalo, as he underlined its benefits.

“I generally have between 5 and 10 blog post drafts underway at any given time. I write the first draft, upload it to Zocalo, and share it with the product manager for initial review.

“We iterate on the early drafts to smooth out any kinks, and then share it with a wider audience for final review. When multiple reviewers provide feedback on the same document, Zocalo’s Feedback tab lets me scan, summarise, and respond to the feedback quickly and efficiently,” he said.

As with the preview release, Amazon Zocalo is being priced at $5 (£3) per user per month, which provides 200GB of storage for each user. Amazon also offers the service on a 30-day free trial basis, for up to 50 users.

However, users of Amazon’s WorkSpaces cloud-hosted desktop service get access to Zocalo for no additional charge. This includes 50GB of storage per user, upgradeable to the full 200GB for a discounted rate of $2 (£1.20) per user per month.

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