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Every year at the Interior Design Show in Toronto they have the Studio North section, where young designers get to show their work. One piece that instantly caught my eye was this minimalist wall-mounted standing desk, designed and built by Matt Gereghty.

Matt explains on his Standing Desk website:

The Wall-Mounted Standing Desk is an adjustable, ergonomic, compact standing desk. It’s designed to hold your laptop or tablet device at the height of your eyes, and your keyboard and mouse at the height of your arms, for optimal stand up computing. The standing desk is composed of a “spine,” which is adhered to your wall, and two desktop surfaces. The upper desktop surface is meant to hold your laptop or tablet, while the larger, lower desktop surface, is designed to hold your keyboard, mouse and coffee.

two desksKelly Rossiter/CC BY 2.0

This is important; Matt’s day job is being an occupational therapist “and a snarky ergonomics blogger“. I’ve been preaching about the value of ergonomics and a healthy work lifestyle for years.”

Matt says much of what I have been saying for years about standing desks, when I quote George Nelson of Herman Miller: “The Lord never meant a man to be immobilized in one position.” He writes:

The ideal situation is to remain as active as possible throughout the day. Spend your time alternating between standing, walking, other movements and sitting. The beauty of the standing desk (other than the lovely design), is that you have a completely different set of options, compared to being seated.

So he might spend part of the day at the standing desk, and part of it on the sofa or at the dining room table. Because we are in the notebook computer and wifi age one can do that; you don’t have to be stuck in one place. We also have a lot less stuff as our rolodex and our files migrate onto our computers, and “ if computers now hold all of the objects we used to keep on our desk, and they’re getting smaller and smaller, WHY do we still need a big ol’ desk to hold it?”

So the things I love about this little desk:

changing desk© Harvard Innovation Lab via Fast Company

It’s really little; it recognizes that we are in a new age of work where everything is in our computer and that most of us are working on notebook sized computers. Look at that Harvard Innovation Lab comparison of what we used to have on our desks compared to what we need today. Why still have the big desk?

sketch© Gereghty Desk Co.

It’s ergonomic; you can set the keyboard level at the height that has your forearms at right angles and your screen at eye level.

Installing desk© Gereghty Desk Co.

It’s simple; you have that CNC routed spine and you just stick the shelves in and fasten them with a butterfly nut.

It’s affordable; just C$285, which is a couple of Frappacinos these days. (Well, not as cheap as the $25 cardboard standing desk but a lot more elegant and only US$201.44 today.)

Matt with desksKelly Rossiter/ Matt with desks/CC BY 2.0

Congratulations to Matt for coming up with this. For people who work at home and don’t have a lot of space for a standing desk, this a very cool solution to the problem. More at Gereghty Desk, found at the Interior Design Show.

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