Another American Town has Stopped Poisoning It’s Water Supply With Flouride

( city in Missouri referred to as Buffalo, simply north of Springfield, recently stopped adding fluoride to the town water provide.

A board of individuals referred to as The Board of Aldermen made the choice citing the monetary worth of fluoridating, in addition to noting that fluoride truly eats away at pipes within the metropolis’s water system as apparently it does elsewhere. Thumbnail credit score:

The choice was made after the Dallas County well being division stopped subsidizing the worth of fluoridation the town’s water, which was round $one thousand dollars a yr. The move was announced on May 14th and is about to start on the finish of May.

A metropolis engineer who works close to St. Louis, Missouri says “It’s an acid and it eats the pipes”, “Employees are dealing with it they usually don’t need to be.”

Naturally, having to rigorously deal with the poisonous chemical compounds oneself would give perspective into the true nature of the chemical.

People who don’t need to consider that they’re continuously ingesting poison have lengthy argued that fluoride hasn’t truly been confirmed to be dangerous, or that it isn’t dangerous in it’s ‘small’ doses in our water.

However, now even Harvard researchers agree fluoride is noticeably dangerous within the water provide.

“Fluoride appears to slot in with lead, mercury and different poisons that trigger chemical mind drain,” stated researchers in a 2012 study published in Environmental Health Perspectives.


The assessment of the Harvard research says “The impact of every toxicant could seem small, however the mixed injury on a inhabitants scale could be critical, particularly as a result of the mind energy of the subsequent era is essential to all of us.”

The research principally illustrated that fluoride damages the brains of adults and youngsters, and youngsters rising up consuming fluoride water are at larger danger of lowered IQ. Perhaps that signifies that neurons are instantly broken by fluoride.

Another study, revealed within the Journal of Analytical Chemistry, signifies that fluoride ions present in fluoridated water and toothpaste might result in a rise in Urinary Stone Disease (USD).

The dumping of the poisonous chemical fluoride into our water provide is in fact a type of mass medicine, achieved with resistance from the inhabitants.

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