Anselm Kiefer Might Believe That People and Dinosaurs Co-Existed

How things maybe were 350 million years ago.

How things maybe were 350 million years ago.

The Financial Times sat down with the great Anselm Kiefer leading up to his show at the Royal Academy in London. Kiefer said a lot of eloquent things about art and life:

“You cannot avoid beauty in a work of art.”

“Our head is generally ill, we are constructed wrong.”

“Art is cynical, it shows the negativity of the world, it’s the first condemnation.”

“It’s boring for an artist to do a retrospective”

He also, kind of out of nowhere, said the following:

“Three hundred and fifty million years ago a meteorite touched the earth and 95 per cent of life was extinguished. Three hundred and fifty million years ago the dinosaurs–and lots of people–died.”

Well, first of all the Alvarez hypothesis posits that an “impact event” wiped out the dinosaurs only about 65 million years ago, but way more importantly, humans and dinosaurs had no ovelrap on this planet. Everyone knows this, right? Anselm Kiefer, are you…a creationist?

Kiefer’s retrospective, which, like him, is unlikely to be boring, opens September 27.

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