Anti-domestic violence ad shows shocking rise in beatings when England exit World Cup 2014

A hard-hitting new advert has unveiled a sinister side to England’s exit from the World Cup – the shocking rise in domestic violence by more than a third.

In an advert released by anti-domestic abuse charity Tender, a woman nervously watches a football match on television, a look of fear and numbness written across her face as the final whistle blows.

‘No one wanted England to win more than women,’ reads the strapline, before revealing a stunning statistic.

Shocking ad reveals domestic truth about England's World Cup exit
Shocking: The statistic shows a staggering rise in domestic violence (Picture: Tender Education and Arts/YouTube)

‘Domestic violence rises 38% when England get knocked out of the World Cup,’ it says.

The figure, taken from research done at the University of Lancaster into domestic violence patterns when England play, also showed that that there is a 26% rise in violence when the team won or drew.

A spokesperson for Tender told the Daily Mail that the trend was ‘impossible to ignore.’

The woman looks fearful as the whistle blows (Picture: Tender Education and Arts/YouTube)
Scared: The woman looks fearful as the whistle blows (Picture: Tender Education and Arts/YouTube)

‘The weather is getting warmer, more drinks will be consumed, emotions will be heightened, and none of this excuses violence,’ they said.

‘We ask that individuals and organisations stand together this World Cup season and say “No excuses”.’

Tender, based in Belsize Park in north-west London, was set up in 2003 to educate young people on preventing violence in relationships through theatre and the arts.

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