Apple extends solar farm plans, Greenpeace celebrates moves

Apple is to build another solar farm to help power its data centres

Apple has been given the green light to start building another giant solar farm in North Carolina to power its data centres, in a move that has been backed by Greenpeace.

A local paper in North Carolina, the Hickory Record, reported that Claremont City Council approved a land sale to Apple to build a 17.5MW solar farm in the state.

It will cover 100 acres and cost around $55m to build, the Hickory Record reports. V3 contacted Apple for more information on the plans, but had received no reply at the time of publication.

The project will add another solar-powered data centre to Apple’s real estate, after announcing plans last year to build a giant solar array in Nevada to power its data centre facilities.

The move was welcomed by Greenpeace, which said it was another welcome step from Apple, and one that its rival Amazon would do well to heed.

“Apple’s latest investment in solar energy shows that it is committed to maintaining its record of powering the iCloud with 100 percent renewable energy,” he said.

“Jeff Bezos should take notice of Tim Cook’s leadership as Apple proves that we can power our online lives with renewable energy, leaving Amazon further in the dust.”

Greenpeace said with Amazon releasing its Fire Phone, the firm’s storage needs will only grow and so getting involved in green data centres is a must for the company.

Apple recently took out full-page adverts to attack another rival – Samsung – over its lack of green credentials, as CEO Tim Cook makes environmental issues a key part of his leadership, even at the risk of angering investors.

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