Apple iPhone 6 Plus better built than the Galaxy S5, shows teardown

Apple's reworked iPhone 6 Plus design to be more durable

The iPhone 6 Plus is better built and easier to repair than its biggest rival the Samsung Galaxy S5, according to teardown experts from iFixit.

iFixit gave the iPhone 6 Plus an impressive seven out of 10 repairability score, beating the Galaxy S5’s five out of 10 score.

The iFixit team highlighted a number of design changes to the iPhone 6 Plus mainboard and external physical buttons as key improvements on past iPhones’ designs.

“Apple has completely redesigned how the home button connects to the main board. Gone is the awkwardly short and fragile cable of the iPhone 5S days. Instead, Apple has made the effort to run the home button cable all the way to the opposite end of the phone. We’re quite happy to see this improvement,” read the teardown.

“We’re button-pushers around here, so we took particular interest in this fancy new rubber gasket surrounding the power button. Similar gaskets surround the volume buttons. This seems to represent a move toward increased water/dust resistance, and therefore improved durability.”

The firm also shed light on the iPhone 6 Plus’s unspecified battery, confirming it is nearly twice as large as the power pack used on the iPhone 5S.

“In line with rumors, the battery is rated at 3.82V and 11.1Wh of energy, for a total of 2915mAh – nearly double the capacity of the 1560mAh unit in the iPhone 5s, and slightly larger than the 2800mAh burner in the Galaxy S5,” iFixit said.

Qualcomm, Broadcom and Texas Instruments components are also in use within the phone, iFixit reports.

iFixit did however highlight some niggling design flaws regarding the phone’s camera, specifically its lens, which protrudes out of the phone’s back making it more likely to pick up marks and scratches.

iFixit also had a minor dig at Apple for its use of proprietary screws, pointing out: “It seems Apple is reluctant to switch from Pentalobe screws to good ol’ regular Phillips screws.”

Apple unveiled the iPhone 6 Plus alongside the iPhone 6 on 9 September. Both iPhones went on sale in the UK today and drew massive queues to the London Apple stores.

For a look at the iPhone 6 Plus’s most interesting features check out V3‘s interactive guide.

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