Apple reveals top reasons for App Store rejection (Wired UK)


If you’re thinking about submitting another buggy Swing Copters clone to the App Store, firstly please stop.
Secondly, Apple has released
a new page
detailing the most common ways apps get rejected, so
at least double-check these points and maybe
Heli-Pendulums might still see the light of day.

Apple has, until now, remained
relatively silent on which of the mountain of guidelines your
particular app has fallen down on when submitting. So the
appearance of a page on the developer minisite which lists the
common causes of the banhammer is a welcome sight to many
frustrated app-makers.

The top 10 reasons given by the Californian gatekeepers — which
account for 58 percent of all rejections — range from the helpful
“more information needed” (14 percent), to incoherent user
experience flows (6 percent), to buggy (8 percent), fradulent (5
percent) and copycat apps (5 percent).

The data, taken from just the seven days leading up to 28
August, also cited placeholder text (4% percent), and inappropriate
age ratings (3 percent) as other top rejectable offences. The other
42 percent of rejections consisted of reasons of less than 2
percent each, so there are still a lot of unknowns to watch out
for. But hopefully, avoiding the big 10 will see you sitting pretty
in the top sellers list without too many problems.

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