Apple to push Beats music service to all iPhones and iPads, report claims

Apple may rollout an iOS update containing the Beats streaming service next year

Apple will rollout an iOS update that will incorporate the Beats music streaming service it acquired as part of its $3bn purchase earlier this year. This is according to a report from The Financial Times.

The paper claims the rollout will take place early next year. The move will mean every iPhone and iPad that upgrades to the new version of the operating system will instantly have the Beats services, which could be included as part of the iTunes app.

A move into the music streaming market is seen as vital for Apple as its iTunes revenues continue to decline as people favour services such as Spotify, Pandora and even YouTube to access music.

The rumours come during the same week Apple made its iOS 8.1.1 update available that is designed to offer speed and performance improvements to iPad 2 and iPhone 4S devices.

Apple is also making the first developer kit for its Apple Watch product available, called WatchKit. This will enable companies to make apps for the devices, as well as features such as notifications, that provide information to the wearer.

EPSN, Instagram and American Airlines are among the first companies to promise they will build versions of their apps to take advantage of the Apple Watch.

Despite this, there is still no word on when the device may be released, with leaked information suggesting it could be as far off as June, although a March release date seems more likely given previous Apple product releases in this time frame.

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