Apple Watch rivals: Top 10 wearable alternatives from LG, Samsung and Microsoft

Now that the Apple Watch is available, the wearables market is expected to explode as those who may have been disdainful of the idea of wearing a computing device suddenly decide that, actually, they’re pretty cool.

So there is likely to be a rush in the shops and online for those seeking a wearable device but who, whether for economical, sartorial or interoperability reasons, will not want an Apple Watch but instead seek something a little bit different.

There are plenty of devices to choose from. Numerous vendors have already brought devices to market ahead of Apple, and will now hope to see sales increase. V3 has rounded up some of the best options to help you decide.

10. Pebble Time Steel


Pebble was perhaps the first company to release a smartwatch, having gained support through the Kickstarter website.

The firm showed off its newest model, the Pebble Time Steel, at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The device is interesting as it works with Android and iOS.

The device is the higher end version of the Pebble Time, which is plastic in construction, unlike the Steel, which is made of metal as the name suggests, and designed to offer a more alluring look and feel.

“Where Pebble Time is more sporty and playful, Time Steel emphasises different design cues and brings a refined and elegant aesthetic to the same Pebble you know and love,” said the firm in a Kickstarter update.

“At its core, the Time Steel is powered by the same system as the Pebble Time, with a few tweaks.”

Those tweaks include increased battery life of up to 10 days, waterproofing, an extra 1mm in thickness, and colour options of gunmetal black, silver stainless and gold.

Punters can Kickstart one now for $249 before the price increases to $299, and should expect delivery in July.

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