Apple Watch: Top 10 exciting features

Apple has arrived in the wearables market. Tim Cook unveiled the Apple Watch earlier this week in what marked a major moment for the company, as it enters a new product category for the first time since it unveiled the iPad in 2010.

The Apple Watch won’t be available until some point in 2015, but already there is plenty to get excited about, so V3 has listed 10 of the most interesting aspects and features of the Apple Watch.

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10. Monitoring movement
Apple Watch gets sensor happy Apple was keen to point out how the Apple Watch will be geared towards fitness, particularly as it has a dedicated sport model. To make Apple Watch appeal to fitness fanatics, Apple has put four sensors in the back of the smartwatch.

These infrared and visible LEDs and photosensors can read heartbeats and measure fitness providing biometric data that can then be fed back to related apps.

Two new apps harness this data – Activity and Workout – which track different levels of activity, including the number of steps taken throughout the day and the number of calories burned. However, for the Apple Watch to do this it needs to be used in conjunction with an iPhone 5 or later iPhone models.

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