Apple’s week: iPhone 6S rumours, Cisco tie-up, KeyRaider iOS malware

Here are the biggest Apple stories from the past seven days, ahead of the big event on Wednesday when Apple is expected to take the wraps off its next iPhone.

Apple and Cisco partnership aims to boost iPad and iPhone enterprise adoption

Apple and Cisco

Apple has announced a partnership with Cisco to optimise business networks for iOS devices and apps, in the latest move by Apple to increase the use of iPads and iPhones in enterprises.

The companies plan to work together to create technology to improve how iOS devices work with networks that make heavy use of Cisco products.

This will also involve making Cisco’s collaboration services, such as video conferencing tools, work better with iPads and iPhones.

Hackers use KeyRaider iOS malware to steal over 225,000 Apple credentials

Apple iCloud logo

Users of third-party iOS software are being warned to check for suspicious account activity after the discovery of a new malware variant called KeyRaider that has compromised data from over 225,000 Apple accounts.

The malware has also stolen thousands of official Apple user certificates, private keys and purchasing receipts, and is able to take control of a device through iCloud and steal any connected user data such as iMessage logs, contacts, photos, emails and documents.

The KeyRaider malware was uncovered by researchers at Palo Alto Networks and Chinese technical group WeipTec. It targets jailbroken iOS devices and is distributed through third-party software marketplaces such as Cydia.

iPhone 6S release date, price and specs

Question mark on mobile phone screen

The unveiling of the new iPhone is just a few days away and anticipation is building as the market waits to see what new features and functions Apple will include in the latest models.

The new device, likely to be called the iPhone 6S, has a lot to live up to after the whirlwind success of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus.

V3 has rounded up all the key information we expect from the launch and what we know about the device.

Contactless payment limit raised from £20 to £30

Apple Pay and contactless terminal

The contactless payment limit has been raised from £20 to £30 per transaction to meet the UK’s growing appetite for PIN-free payments.

The UK Cards Association explained that the new limit is £5 above the average supermarket spend of £25, meaning that consumers have more scope to use contactless payments.

Apple Pay currently leads in smartphone-based contactless payments, but the market will soon become more crowded with the arrival of Android Pay and Samsung Pay.

Apple-Cisco alliance will turn the iPhone into a full-blown enterprise device

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have sold well across the world

The Apple-Cisco deal is the firm’s second major enterprise tie-up, following the Apple-IBM partnership. It was announced during Cisco’s Global Sales Experience conference in Las Vegas, where Apple CEO Tim Cook made a surprise appearance to mark the occasion.

V3 has analysed the benefits of the deal for Apple and Cisco and their business customers. 

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