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It’s tough getting work as an architect these days but I doubt Li Rongjun, a recent grad of the Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology, will have a problem. He has built himself a lovely little office out of 8,500 beer bottles that is a great advertisement for his talents. He isn’t interested in a conventional office job, telling China News Service: There is no creativity in those places. It’s a waste of life. Whether I succeed or fail, I want to give it a go…It will allow investors to see my products in real life and see my talent.”

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“I want to build an office which combines artistic beauty with pragmatism, he tells China Daily.“It is prettier at night. When the lights go on, the room looks radiant and the green light reaches as far as the road.” Dad was a big help, lending him the 70,000 yuan and helping lay the walls, noting that “although we are a family of limited means I immediately told him he would have my complete support.”

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As always, there is another architect willing to chip at the upstart and criticize. It’s a rule.

The beer-bottle structure could be considered an artistic creation but not a product to be marketed, according to an expert. “The top level has no load bearing wall and the weight the beer bottles could carry is limited, thus the structure may collapse,” said Tang Zhe, an architect with a local design company in Chongqing.

In fact, beer bottles are very strong, and we have shown a massive Buddhist temple built with much the same technology. Or perhaps Tang Zhe should look at the research done by Heineken fifty years ago into the structural use of beer bottles.

We don’t have any good interior photos to show because of copyright, but you can see more at Inhabitat.

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