Are the poachers winning? South African rhinos killed so far in 2014 surge to 618 : TreeHugger

Anti-poaching efforts around the world might be stepping up their tactics to go toe-to-toe with well equipped criminals, but is that enough to protect rhinos in South Africa? The latest numbers are quite sad: Since the beginning of 2014, there were 618 known cases of rhinos being killed by poachers in the country. That’s 60 more than when the numbers were last published less than a month ago on July 11th.

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South Africa is home to approximately 22 000 white and black rhinoceros. The South African population is one of the last viable rhino populations in the world, which makes its survival all the more crucial.

World Ranger Day is observed on the 31st of July each year to commemorate the many rangers killed or injured in the line of duty and to celebrate rangers and the work they do to protect the world’s natural and cultural treasures.

Here’s a message from Jane Goodall to the conservation rangers out there:

Here’s prince William:

Here’s the wall of honors in memoriam of rangers who were killed in duty.

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