Are You at Work? You Should Go Home

In New York City, it’s one of those days that never actually began—we kind of just slipped right into that dirty gray 4 p.m. light from minute one. It’s raining in every single direction. It is the kind of day when you are both freezing and sweating when you get to work, if you can even burrow your way out of the human cuddle puddle that is the subway today.

We should not be at work today, unless we are firefighters or doctors, or maybe baristas. Lawyers, consultants, any kind of entrepreneur, and definitely the NYPD: work from home. Do you work on the Internet? If not, stop reading this, you’re not doing work. Go home. If you are, say, a software developer, or computer programmer, or blogger: Go home now. Here’s what you do when you get there: Connect to your incisively named wireless network and start doing the job you do normally when you are at your job. You can write e-mails, read articles, produce content. It can all happen, right there, on your laptop. 

If you don’t have a computer at home, or if your employer does not provide you with a portable version of the only device you need to do your job, go home. Your employer should not expect you to swim to a building to do a job that can be done from home. Your employer probably talked a big game about “work/life balance” when you had your interview but then kind of avoided your eyes when you walked into work today carrying enough water for the week on your body. Your employer probably thinks that having an unlimited amount of Cheetos in the snack area makes up for pretending it’s chill to work from home. It doesn’t. 

The author's desk.Natalie KitroeffThe author’s desk.

In 2010, I spent four months studying abroad in Cuba, and the country did seem to be working on some loose ends vis-a-vis market efficiency, but it had one thing figured out: rain. In Havana, when it drizzled, or even looked like rainfall could be an outside possibility, the city shut it down. Classes were canceled, buses that were already running late totally gave up on the idea of a schedule, and people who went outside were subjects of urgent, communitywide concern.

Be more Cuban. Go home. 

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