Arizona woman Nicole Renee Candelaria accused of forcing-feeding girl, 3, faeces

Woman accused of force-feeding a girl, 3, faeces
Nicole Renee Candelaria is facing criminal charges (Picture: Maricopa County Sherriff’s Office)

A woman has been accused of force-feeding a three-year-old faeces in a shocking act of child abuse.

Court records claim that Nicole Renee Candelaria, of Tempe, Arizona, grew angry when her boyfriend’s daughter defecated in the bath tub.

So she allegedly forced the girl to eat the excrement as punishment.

The child was taken to a hospital where doctors also noticed bruising on her chest, back, sides and legs, according to the court documents.

When asked if he believed the allegations, the victim’s father told FOX 10: ‘Yes, but I don’t want to talk to the news.’

Candelaria was booked into Maricopa County Jail on one count of child abuse. A judge set her bond at $5,400.

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