AWS gets seal of approval from EU data protection authorities

Amazon's cloud meets EU protection standards for storing data

Amazon’s cloud services have been given approval by the European Union for compliance with its data protection regulations worldwide, giving customers the assurance their data is being given the same level of protection whether it is stored in a data centre in Europe or elsewhere.

Announced on Tuesday, the approval comes from a group of EU data protection authorities known as the Article 29 Working Party, and refers to the Amazon Web Services Data Processing Agreement (AWS DPA) covering transfer of data from the EU to other regions.

The aim of the review was to evaluate whether the AWS DPA met EU requirements on international data transfers contained in its Standard Contractual Clauses. The confirmation means that AWS customers can be assured that data moved to non-EU AWS regions will still be held in compliance with EU regulations.

Welcoming the approval, Amazon chief technology officer Dr Werner Vogels said that security, privacy and protection of customer data are the firm’s top priorities.

“Providing customers a DPA that has been approved by the EU data protection authorities is another way in which we are giving them assurances that they will receive the highest levels of data protection from AWS,” he stated.

“We have spent a lot of time building tools, like security controls and encryption, to give customers the ability to protect their infrastructure and content. We will always strive to provide the highest level of data security for AWS customers in the EU and around the world.”

AWS supports 11 regions around the globe, and has two in the EU located at data centres in Dublin and Frankfurt. Customers have the freedom to choose where they store and process their data, with the assurance that AWS will not move it from their chosen region.

The DPA gives AWS customers more choice when it comes to data protection and assures them that their content receives the same high level of data protection, in accordance with European laws, no matter which AWS infrastructure region they choose around the world, Amazon said.

The DPA document is now available on request to all customers that require it, and more information on Amazon’s data protection practices can be found on the firm’s web site.

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