Axel Winter drowns out homophobic preacher with ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun’ in Sydney, Australia

When confronted with prejudice, turn to Cyndi Lauper.

That’s what one busker did when a preacher started shouting ‘hateful words about gay people’ to a crowd in Sydney’s Pitt Street mall.

Axel Winter, 24, told the Independent that the preacher, armed with stepladder, microphone and bible, threatened to ruin the Mardi Gras festival when he announced that ‘today is the day God hates you the most if you’re homosexual’.

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So the young singer took action. Setting up behind the preacher, he told the angry crowd to ‘ignore the words of hate and sing some words of love’ and launched into Cyndi Lauper’s 1983 anthem Girls Just Want to Have Fun.

‘Yesterday, a man tried to yell hateful religiously inspired things about gay people in Pitt street mall,’ Mr Winter later wrote on Facebook.

‘So, myself and the other buskers moved my stuff behind him and drowned out his negativity. The crowd cheered and sang along and soon enough he was gone.

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Busker drowns out homophobic preacher with 'Girls Just Want to Have Fun'
The Australian said he was ‘overwhelmed’ by the response to the video (Picture: YouTube)

‘Whether you’re homosexual or transgender or even just confused, you’re still my friend. Bless you people, bless you.’

The video of the singer has been watched by tens of thousands of people across of social media, and the Australian, whose biggest inspiration – his mother – died when he was 18, said he was ‘overwhelmed’.

Sydney’s Mardi Gras festival celebrates LGBT rights and freedoms and is one of the largest of its kind anywhere in the world.

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