Back To The Future Secret Cinema Cancelled Again


The DeLorean parked in Store Street last week. Image by M@.

Update 8pm: Weekend shows of Back to the Future have also now been cancelled. Secret Cinema founder Fabien Riggall has told the BBC that the cancellations are caused by difficulties in meeting the ’technical requirements to satisfy local authorities’. At least now those with weekend tickets know where they stand, rather than spending the days watching out for updates.

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For the third night in a row (including a preview), Secret Cinema has had to cancel a production of its Back to the Future extravaganza. A statement issued by the company this afternoon reads as follows:

Unfortunately we have no choice but to cancel tonight’s performance. Secret Cinema has been running safe arts events for 10 years and on this occasion we have come across a number of issues that we have not experienced previously. The site is looking spectacular so please standby for further information about Saturday night’s event.

The company has turned a portion of the Olympic Park site into a sizeable replica of Hill Valley, the town from Back to the Future. Ticket holders for tonight will not gain entry but have been offered replacements on other nights — which, of course, is no use if you’ve travelled a long distance, as many have.

Curiously, no reason for the cancellations has yet been given. Angry tweets about the production company’s competence and lack of information are flying around on Twitter and Facebook, and are well documented elsewhere.

Amid the fury, it should be kept in mind that we still don’t know the cause — a specific terror threat or (as some rumours speculate) an unexploded WWII bomb, would be two possible reasons that the production company could not have foreseen (barring genuine time travel) which would lead to cancellation. Some kind of security threat might go part way to explaining the lack of information. Either way, Secret Cinema is truly living up to its name in the most frustrating way possible.

Here’s a pic of the set that we took a week ago, hidden behind the link so as not to give spoilers.

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