Bar Louie in Minneapolis USA accused of implementing a racist dress code

This bar's dress code is accused of being racist
The controversial dress code (Picture: Youtube)

Can a dress code be racist? Well these residents of Minneapolis certainly think so.

When a Minneapolis bar enforced a new dress code, they probably weren’t expecting it to make news headlines around the world, but it has.

Because the new dress code at Bar Louie’s Uptown Minnesota branch has been labelled ‘overtly racist’.

The dress code, which is clearly displayed in the window, says that people wearing ‘excessively baggy clothing’, ‘large chains worn outside of shirts’ and ‘athletic apparel’, among other fashions, are all banned.

Local resident Michelle Horovitz told Fox 9 news that she was shocked and appalled by the sign: ‘It might as well say ‘no black folks allowed.’ It’s ridiculous.’

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There are over 80 Bar Louie’s across America (Picture: Youtube)

When Fox 9 news contacted the franchise they were told that the dress code had come from the corporate office, and they were just following orders from above.

Imani Vincent, who lives nearby, said that the best form of protest will be boycotting the chain – which has over eighty establishments across America:’Hurt them in the pockets, that’s what will hurt them the most.’

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