Barely camouflaged pre-production Tesla Model X spotted in Palo Alto (video) : TreeHugger

As we get closer to the Model X launch date, people are spotting more and more pre-production units being tested in the wild. Last month we wrote about a black one that had been caught on film, as well as another one that was being put through its paces on a test track (video at the bottom of the post linked here).

Because nothing stays a secret for long on the internet, many Tesla fans have been spotting more test vehicles and uploading photos and videos.

This recent video gives a good overview of the X. See for yourself:

The Model X will be roomier than the already spacious Model S, will have two electric motors driving the front and rear wheels, and it’ll have ‘falcon’ doors that open vertically in such a way that they take little space and don’t bump into things thanks to their clever hinges and proximity sensors.

Here’s a letter that has been sent last year, giving some updates on Model X progress:

Tesla/Screen capture

Here’s another shot of a Model X (same as the one above?) at night:

Via Model X News

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