BBC iPlayer FINALLY comes to Xbox One

Great news for any Xbox One owners who want to be able to catch up on BBC telly – the iPlayer has FINALLY landed on Microsoft’s console – a year after the iPlayer hit Sony’s PS4.


In a post on the BBC Internet Blog, product manager Peter Lasko explained that the new app is based on HTML5, essentially enabling the BBC to keep the app up-to-date more easily across platforms – but there are still some Xbox-specific customisations.

For example, Kinect voice and gesture controls are supported – though this does mean that when you’re shouting “Twats!” at your opponents during a particularly annoying game on Xbox Live, there is a risk of Top Gear auto-playing.

To get the app, just head into the Microsoft store and you can download it there – no Gold subscription needed.

By James O’Malley | December 4th, 2014

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