BBC News – Los Angeles oil pipe spill: ‘Knee-deep’ oil in streets

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An oil pipe in Los Angeles has broken, spilling an estimated 50,000 gallons (190,000 litres) of oil in the streets, the LA Fire Department (LAFD) says.

Crude oil has spread into an area of about half a mile (0.8km), with reports of oil “knee high in some areas”, the LAFD added in a statement.

The oil line was remotely shut off, and teams were on the scene containing the run-off, the statement said.

No injuries have been reported. Some businesses are said to be affected.

The above-ground oil pipe broke late on Wednesday near San Fernando Road, a major Road in Los Angeles.

The incident was reported by the LAFD at 00:16 local time (07:16 GMT). A LAFD tractor company and hazardous materials team were at the scene, officials said.

The LAFD originally estimated that 1,000,000 gallons had spilled, but later revised this to 50,000 gallons.

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