BBC News – Miliband election adviser in name-spelling tweet blunder

David Axelrod tweet

Labour’s new election campaign adviser has misspelled Ed Miliband’s name in a tweet praising the party – which then linked to a spoof Twitter account.

David Axelrod wrote: “Enjoyed my visit with @Ed_Milliband and his @UKLabour team.”

The reference to Ed Miliband with its incorrect spelling actually links to a spoof Twitter account in the Labour leader’s name. The site includes tweets saying: “I am resigning.”

Mr Axelrod has now corrected the tweet.

But the Conservatives leapt on the error, querying whether Mr Axelrod “had actually met” the Labour leader.

A former adviser to US President Barack Obama, Mr Axelrod has been visiting London for the first time since being hired by Labour earlier this year.

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