BBC News – Rogue trader refuses to go to jail

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Convicted rogue trader Jerome Kerviel says he will not return to France to face a three-year prison term without hearing from President Hollande.

Kerviel, 37, caused his bank Societe Generale losses of 4.9bn euros (£4.1bn) but lost his appeal against a jail term in March.

He had been expected to return to France from Italy on Saturday.

But he told reporters he wanted Mr Hollande to grant immunity to possible witnesses who could testify for him.

Although the appeal ruling in March upheld his jail term, it scrapped an order for Kerviel to return the money he had lost.

Kerviel had set off on foot from Rome to Paris in February and spoke to reporters a short distance from the French border.

“If they (the police) want to come and find me, let them come,” he said.

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