BBC News – Saviour cat Tara in California gets baseball ‘offer’

Jeremy Triantafilo with Tara the cat

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Tara the cat rescued four-year-old Jeremy from the attack by the dog

The cat in California who was caught on video saving a boy from a dog has been invited to “throw” the first pitch at a baseball game.

Tara would appear at the next home game of the minor league team Bakersfield Blaze, its representatives said.

“It sounds crazy. But we’ve got a trick up our sleeve,” team member Dan Besbris said, without giving further details.

Tara became a YouTube sensation after saving four-year-old Jeremy Triantafilo from the neighbour’s dog.

The family’s CCTV video shows the dog biting and dragging the boy in a driveway in Bakersfield earlier this week.

The cat then pounces on and chases away the dog, described as a Labrador-Chow mix.

Jeremy – who needed stitches after the attack – praised his cat.

“She’s a hero,” he said.

The dog is now in quarantine and is expected to be put down.

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