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We love transformer furniture that serves multiple functions. This desk from Lifeguard serves an important one; in case of an earthquake you get inside and you are safe from up to a million pounds of stuff on top of you. You don’t even have to be on the ground floor when the building pancakes on top;

LifeGuard’s have steel sides, tops and floors designed to keep you inside even while falling or rolling. They are heavily padded inside with padded handles. LifeGuard’s are designed to protect against huge loads as well as sprinkler pipes, rebar, conduit, glass, concrete and most other hazards of a collapsing building.

Just put climb inside, put on your mask, turn on the emergency lighting. Inside the comfy backrest are food, water, medical supplies, “provisions for sanitary waste” and signalling devices. You are registered with Lifeguard so they will notify the authorities to come and dig you out.

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They have other designs like this pinwheel desk that can accommodate up to four people, although it would help if you were all friendly, it’s going to be tight in there. The designs are a little clunky, but that should be no surprise, they are solid steel boxes with the design of your choice wrapping around it.

If you are worried about more than earthquakes, there are special slam doors that seal you inside and optional armour plating that can make it totally bulletproof.

They even tested it in a building that was undergoing controlled demolition and yes, the desk survived, although I suspect the wood veneer took a few scratches. It’s a pretty spectacular implosion.

© Athanasia Leivaditou

We have previously shown desks that are designed for doing all-nighters. Evidently George Costanza built a bed into a desk on a Seinfeld episode. This design provides a lot more soundproofing and light control; I could see this catching on in a lot of offices. They should do a stand-up desk version too; it would almost be a tiny house. Not exactly eco-friendly, having a desk that is made of 600 pounds of steel, but hey, it’s recyclable. It would look good with a Couchbunker too.

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